What Games Are Coming Out For Ps4

All the New PS4 Launch Games Coming Out on the PlayStation 4 Release Day. The PS4 is Expected to be Released this Holiday Season 2013. So What games Are you most Excited to Play on the PS4!? Make Sure to Comment Down below!!

All New Upcoming PS Vita Games:

Using PS Vita as a PS3 Controller:

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Upcoming Launch Titles PS4 “PlayStation 4″ Games Release Day 2013
Upcoming Launch Titles PS4 “PlayStation 4″ Games Release Day 2013
Upcoming Launch Titles PS4 “PlayStation 4″ Games Release Day 2013

25 Responses to What Games Are Coming Out For Ps4

  1. PSVitaFever says:

    Can not wait for the PS4!!

  2. Nick134 says:

    Xbox 720 does have better launch games, but I can’t give MS money for all
    the shit they’ve done. Sony needs the money, MS already has it. (Note: I
    said Xbox 720 because almost all games are 720p)

  3. T.J Goodall says:

    I dont know what game to get firstm im already getting watch dogs with the
    console but I dont know what to get assasians creed 4 or fifa 14 for ps4,
    im getting multiplayer to assasians creed is better for single play as I
    like playing single player but fifa 14 is way better for multiplayer so I
    dont know wich one to get

  4. shane kent says:

    Why do you tell your viewers to subscribe like 10 times. Telling us is what
    makes me not subscribe.

  5. EnderPlix says:

    I like nak, that looks fun

  6. Mick Barnes says:

    on my update getting PS4 :)

  7. DonAntonio6 says:

    I am getting killzone shadow fall and bf4 I can get one more game what
    should it be I am think batman or assassins creed black flag but assassins
    creed 3 for me sucked

  8. yeababy2k10 says:

    Release titles look dog shit,im geting a ps4 for a change to xbox and so
    far im not impressed,hopefully better games will be released exclusive to
    ps4,because so far most of the goods game are also out for xbox one.

  9. Pwn3dbyth3n00b says:

    Well heres a picture diagram of all the day one games and up coming games
    of PS4 and Xbox One. Its good to use to see if your still deciding on which
    console to get and you’re stuck because you dont know what games they got.
    (PS Amazon is having a sale right now thats buy 3 get one free PS4 games
    only if you use the promo code GR8TNESS, Ihope that might make you decide
    what to get.)

  10. SixString Samurai says:

    Knack > Ryse

  11. nonames000 says:

    I will be getting the PS4 on Friday but there is a good chance I won’t be
    getting any games with it. Its going to be a paper weight until a better
    games come out. I am extremely disappointed but that’s how its going to
    have to be :/. 

  12. Nathan Gagne says:

    Nobody cares about nba…

  13. Jake Melvin says:

    Killzone looks magical

  14. robert Gamechicken says:

    yo bro where is resogun? D=

  15. shoaib hussain says:

    Disappointed! knack and killzone were meh. 

  16. Ruthl3z-Will1am says:

    My mom just asked me if I want the ps4 but I said no so I can get it on
    black Friday.bid that smart?

  17. Tranduil95 says:

    i hate the huge lack of games at release of the console… have to wait for
    2014 for the best games

  18. Spiro Brown says:

    must get PS4 i’m so excited

  19. Danny Hacker says:

    What’s the game at 7:50

  20. leroy boll says:


  21. ian escribano says:

    Dayz and forest and alot

  22. ragethesavage says:

    Nothing special,you can just play AC4 on ps3,same animations etc and other
    I thought about getting a ps4 but after seeing how shitty the graphics are
    i’m having second thoughts.

  23. SuperCoon88 says:

    I’ve got PSFever my fanboy friend has Xbox Aids

  24. Rhoryno says:

    No watchdogs, such a fucking letdown..

  25. Cameron Burton says:

    Need for speed rivals

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